Boost my solo? The sound guy is sleeping!

We've all been there. You're about to play your favorite solo from your favorite song, the crowd is pumping, the lights are shining, you're ready to shred! One problem though. The sound guy is either talking to some chick, at the bar, already went to the bar during your last solo and is now drinking, or just plain not paying attention. Your blazing lead gets lost in the mix.

Never rely on the sound guy again! Use your Kemper to give you that volume boost you need to soar above the other instruments. What's an easy way to accomplish this? This is a method I've used for years, even before I owned a Kemper, but it's incredibly simple to implement with the KPA.

1. Browse to the rig you use for your leads. Sometimes I have a dedicated rig for that but I also will use my rhythm rig for certain songs.
2. Hold down the MOD or X soft button until the screen changes.
3. Using the Type knob, scroll to "Pure Booster".
4. Set the volume accordingly. I usually go anywhere from +2.5 to +3.5 depending on value.
5. Press the Exit button and save the rig. I will sometimes save the rig with the MOD or X turned off so that I can engage the boost when need be.
6. If you own the Kemper Remote, program the MOD or X button to one of the effects switches (or just use an entire rig with the MOD or X on for your leads. I'll usually have a rig saved with the boost on and a longer delay time. If I need a short delay, I'll just use my rhythm rig).
7. Shred!

Until next time...