Our profiles are created with top of the line studio gear.
Here are some products that were used:

Mic pre's: Custom Stevenson Console, Precision 8's, Altec 1589B

Compressors: Modified Urei LA-4's, Modified DBX 165's, Empirical Labs EL8s

Mesa Mark IV Profiles - Sound Clips at bottom of page

Seeking to recreate the sounds of a variety of Mesa amplifiers using our many years of studio experience, mic'ing techniques and our own ears. The respective trademark of the amp(s) used to achieve this shall remain with the trademark owner(s). A/M Audio is in no way affiliated with the amp or gear manufacturers. Please continue to support all amp makers!
Mesa Mark IV  Pack 1 (Studio)
  • Mesa Mark IV  Pack 1 (Studio)
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*This pack contains studio profiles only. No direct or merged profiles are available.

11 profile pack of the Mesa Mark IV 112 Combo

  • 4 profiles were through the 112 combo.
  • 4 cleanish profiles were through a Mesa 4x12 with V Thirty speakers
  • 3 profiles were through a Marshall 412 with Celestion 75s

Mics used: 421, RE20

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**A/M Audio does not own or claim to own any trademarks of any of the amps we profile. A/M Audio is in no way affiliated with any of the amp makers. Any download or purchase is solely a license to use these profiles for your own personal or professional endeavor and are not for resale. The Kemper recreates a guitar amp's tone and any use of the amp maker's name is strictly for the purpose of comparison to the profiles created. Please support all amp makers! Without these great amplifiers, we wouldn't have these great tools at our fingertips to create with.

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